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Get Your Dog Putting Away Their Toys... Fetching A Soda… Even doing your taxes 😉

"Okay, listen—no, we haven't turned dogs into accountants… although… how cute would your pooch be in a suit, wearing glasses, using a calculator? But trust us, those first two are legit… if it's still , you can join our 'Mindblowing Tricks Masterclass' for FREE! Hurry, we're capping it at the first 200 students and then it's back to the RRP of $199. Grab your spot now!" 🐾

265 5-Star Reviews

Hey dog moms and dads!

Do you want your dog to show off some clever new tricks to your family and friends? Let’s be real, shake and rollover isn’t impressing anyone… but playing dead, jumping through a hoop, and even fetching you a cold beer or soda is a whole other story!

For a limited time, access this free video training from the renowned Buck U Academy. Taught by our founder and head trainer Nicole Buck with 25 years of experience – including training service dogs – you’ll learn simple, step-by-step instructions to have your dog doing the cutest and coolest tricks at the dog park… even if you’ve struggled teaching them new tricks in the past.

If you’re looking for a fun new activity you can share together, this training mini-series is perfect for you!

Show Your Dog How To:

You can learn these using our super fun methods that dogs of any breed or any age will enjoy! All you need is your phone and a few minutes per trick.

Hear Why Pet Parents (And Their Dogs) Love Buck U Academy…

Jami DeNigris

How wonderful this team is!

I can't say enough about their gentle methods, patience and just overall love and dedication to all of the dogs. They welcome them into their family and care for them the same! Bucks Dog Training would be our first stop if we ever got a new puppy.

Emily Faustino

Rigby came back confident and well mannered

It is such a relief now being able to walk him around people and have guests over, all thanks to Bucks! Great staff who kept in contact with me through the whole process with videos and updates daily.

Stephanie Foss

One of the best decisions I have ever made

I am so grateful I found Nicole Buck and her team of qualified behavior trainers. Ronin will live his best quality life because of the services he has received, and as an extension, so will I.

Natasha Serrano

I would highly recommend Bucks Dog Training

We had bite issues and aggression with our 4 year old pit bull. We sent him to Bucks training and he’s a different dog now; calmer and we actually can bring him around other people. We are very grateful for Bucks expertise and their help.

James C

I had an exceptional experience

Nicole and her trainers took our two crazy dogs and transformed them into new dogs! They now listen to us and have a lot more confidence. We are so happy with the results and would definitely recommend Bucks.

Jenny Chow

I wholeheartedly recommend!

I want to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to Bucks Dog Training for all their hard work and dedication. They’ve exceeded our expectations and given us the relationship with Remy we only dreamed of and turned it into reality.

Jennifer Lindauer

We are forever grateful!

Nicole and her team are MIRACLE workers. We signed Blitzen up for the 3 week board and train program and it’s the best decision we’ve ever made for our family. I can’t recommend them enough!

Rachel Middlemiss

There is no way to thank Nicole and her team.

They bonded with our baby and treated him like her own. Our English mastiff went for a 3 week behavior modification for aggression, and we have our lives back now with no more counter surfing or resource guarding. Thank you Buck’s team!

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When you get access to this free video training, you won’t just discover how to get your dog to put away their own toys after a fun day of play time… these new tricks are also a great way to challenge and entertain your dog, giving you a shared experience that brings you closer together!

265 5-Star Reviews