The 'Overcoming Anxiety' Bundle

Get full access to the 6-week Overcoming Anxiety Bundle PLUS exclusive access to our ‘Quadruple Quadrant’ program that transforms even the most trembling dogs into confident companions so you can enjoy quality time with your perfectly behaved fur baby!

  • BONUS Weekly Trainer Check-ins to Ensure 100% Locked In Consistent Progress (Usually $300!)
  • “Paw-Fect” Pup Money-Back Guarantee - If You Don’t Notice ANY Changes In Your Pups Behavior We’ll Refund You The Entire Cost (Valued at $1,050!)
  • Discover The Exact Tricks That Will Turn Your Anxious, Whining & Trembling Dog Into The Most Confident Companion In 6 Weeks (Or Less)
  • Reveal The Most Ridiculously Simple To Start Making Your Dog Less Anxious & More Obedient (Without Randomly Jumping At Strangers Ever Again)
  • Teach Your Dog The Professional, Ultra Simple Skills From ANYWHERE - In The Sun At The Local Park, In Your Backyard Or In The Comfort Of Your Living Room (All At The Click Of A Button!
  • Master The Skills Yourself & Gain The Expert-Level Knowledge To Pass On To Your Partner, Kids Or Friends To Perfect Your Dogs Behaviour!
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Dave Riley

We wish we did it sooner.

It provides me with enough training for our dog basic obedience and gave him confidence among people and other dogs. I'd highly recommend and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Rita Landers

Absolutely AMAZING!

OUr dog used to be very afraid of men, even though now she is skittish around them, she gives them a chance which is huge deal! A lot of the little things she has learned has made a huge positive impact in our lives and I am so forever thankful!

Donna Shank

I had an exceptional experience

Had a great experience using Buck U! Would highly recommend them! My dog suffers from anxiety issues and needed to have better manners. We did the program and it did a wonderful job with Parker!

Does Your Dog Display Any Of These Anxious Behaviors?

Do they whine or tremble when you leave home? Do they bark or chew excessively? Do they run away, tuck their tail between their legs, or lack confidence in social situations? Anxiety sucks! It prevents your dog from enjoying walks, dog parks, and pet-friendly restaurants… and you become a prisoner in your home because you’re too afraid to leave them.

Our ‘Overcoming Anxiety’ program reveals the latest techniques to help your dog overcome anxiety once and for all. You’ll discover leading tools to tackle separation anxiety, social anxiety, submissive behaviour and more… giving your dog the confidence to enjoy a much fuller, happier life!

  • Latest techniques for anxiety

  • Weekly trainer check-ins

Why Your Dog Needs Specialized Training For Anxiety

Sadly, digging up free content online and generalized dog training won’t fetch any results when it comes to anxiety. Just like for humans, anxiety can be a difficult problem to tackle for dogs. Without specialized techniques from experts in the field, your dog may suffer from anxiety for the rest of their lives.

When it comes to anxiety, our trainers are leading the pack – we’ve helped thousands of dogs with anxiety over the past 25 years. Our holistic model covers all four quadrants of learning to make overcoming anxiety a walk in the park. And we always train on real, raw dogs, so you can see for yourself just how well our methods work!

  • Raw, untrained dogs

  • All 4 quadrants of learning

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Customer Reviews

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What Makes Buck U Academy The #1 Place To Train Your Dog?

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Rated 5 stars


‘Paw-fect Pup’ Money-Back Guarantee


Covers all 4 quadrants of learning
Targeted anxiety & aggression training
25+ years’ experience
1000s of dogs trained

265 5-Star Reviews

Thousands Of Tail-Wagging Transformations Over The Past 25 Years…

Jami DeNigris

How wonderful this team is!

I can't say enough about their gentle methods, patience and just overall love and dedication to all of the dogs. They welcome them into their family and care for them the same! Bucks Dog Training would be our first stop if we ever got a new puppy.

Emily Faustino

Rigby came back confident and well mannered

It is such a relief now being able to walk him around people and have guests over, all thanks to Bucks! Great staff who kept in contact with me through the whole process with videos and updates daily.

Stephanie Foss

One of the best decisions I have ever made

I am so grateful I found Nicole Buck and her team of qualified behavior trainers. Ronin will live his best quality life because of the services he has received, and as an extension, so will I.

Natasha Serrano

I would highly recommend Bucks Dog Training

We had bite issues and aggression with our 4 year old pit bull. We sent him to Bucks training and he’s a different dog now; calmer and we actually can bring him around other people. We are very grateful for Bucks expertise and their help.

James C

I had an exceptional experience

Nicole and her trainers took our two crazy dogs and transformed them into new dogs! They now listen to us and have a lot more confidence. We are so happy with the results and would definitely recommend Bucks.

Jenny Chow

I wholeheartedly recommend!

I want to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to Bucks Dog Training for all their hard work and dedication. They’ve exceeded our expectations and given us the relationship with Remy we only dreamed of and turned it into reality.

Jennifer Lindauer

We are forever grateful!

Nicole and her team are MIRACLE workers. We signed Blitzen up for the 3 week board and train program and it’s the best decision we’ve ever made for our family. I can’t recommend them enough!

Michael Petchonka

I had an exceptional experience

Hands down the best trainer I've ever dealt with. Their facility is always clean and their trainers are the most knowledgeable in the business.

Rachel Middlemiss

There is no way to thank Nicole and her team.

They bonded with our baby and treated him like her own. Our English mastiff went for a 3 week behavior modification for aggression, and we have our lives back now with no more counter surfing or resource guarding. Thank you Buck’s team!

Help Your Best Friend Live Their Best Life By Your Side…

  • Protect Your Pooch From Problem Behaviors

    Get simple methods to turn your dog into a sweet, well-behaved angel. Never worry about barking, biting, jumping, lunging, chewing or digging again.

  • Overcome Anxiety And Eliminate Aggression

    Humans need special treatment for issues like anxiety and aggression… and dogs are no different. Help your dog overcome anxiety or eliminate aggressive behavior with our tailored programs.

  • Give Your Dog A Better Quality Of Life

    Give your dog important life skills they need to calmly interact with humans and other dogs, so they can live a long and happy stress-free life.

  • Learn Proven Techniques, Tips And Tricks

    Gain secrets from world-class trainers who’ve helped thousands of dogs over the past 25 years – including service dogs and life-saving interventions.

  • Gain Heartfelt Training For Lifelong Memories

    Nothing beats seeing your dog happy and their tail wagging… feel confident enough to take your loving pup anywhere so they can live their best life by your side.

265 5-Star Reviews

Our “Paw-fect Pup” Guarantee

Ready for peaceful walks, stress-free social events, and a home free from noise and frustration? We’re so certain our 6-week program will transform your stubborn, rowdy, and anxious dog into a well-behaved companion, we're putting our money where our mouth is.

We guarantee you’ll experience real change in your dog's behavior – obedience, calmness, and social skills – after just the first 4 sessions. And if you don’t? We'll refund every penny you paid, no questions asked.

*T&Cs Apply

Still Have Questions? Check Out Our FAQs…

Why Buck U Academy?

Buck U Academy was founded by Nicole Buck, the founder and lead trainer at Buck’s Dog Training in New Jersey. Nicole is a dog owner and dog lover, with more than 25 years of experience, a track record training 1,000s of dogs, and accreditations and partnerships with leading dog organizations. Rest assured knowing your beloved dog is being guided by the best methods in the industry!

What do I need for the training?

Our videos are all online and simple to follow. You can use your phone to access the videos. You will need:

  • Leash
  • Collar
What are the 4 quadrants of learning?
  1. Positive Reinforcement: This involves adding something pleasant to increase the likelihood of a behavior. For example, giving a treat to a dog when they sit on command.
  2. Negative Reinforcement: This involves removing something negative to increase the likelihood of a behavior. For example, adding more slack to your dog's leash when it walks by your side, encouraging them to keep the position.
  3. Positive Punishment: This involves adding something negative to decrease the likelihood of a behavior. For example, saying "no" or using a spray bottle when a dog jumps on a guest.
  4. Negative Punishment: This involves taking away something pleasant to decrease the likelihood of a behavior. An example would be removing attention or playtime when your dog misbehaves.
Why don’t you use positive only?

95% of our training is very positive focused. We utilize all four learning quadrants because they each have a purpose and you need all four when you get a very difficult dog. Positive only will not work but you still need to interact with the dog and get it to do certain commands. We are very judicious in our use of the four quadrants and our goal is to never cause harm during training.

Is your training safe and fun?

Yes! We make it as fun and exciting as we can so your dog learns to enjoy training. It also helps strengthen your bond and build trust that can last a lifetime.

Is your training suitable for dogs of any age or breed?

Yes, our training methods are designed to be adaptable and effective for dogs of all ages, from playful puppies to mature adults, and across all breeds. Whether you have a sprightly Chihuahua or a majestic Great Dane, it's never too early or too late to instill good habits and build a strong bond with your dog.

Is there a live support or trainer I can reach out to?

We do provide a live weekly group video call where you can get your questions addressed, or you can email or chat live 24/7. Plus, for a small additional cost you can set up a private one-on-one live session with one of our professional trainers for extra support.

What if it doesn’t work?

We provide a 100% money back guarantee. If in 90 days you have fully utilized our videos and taken advantage of our one-on-one video chat feature, but you’re still not seeing results, we will provide your money back. We just ask that you show us through a live video call that you are implementing our methodologies correctly!

Gain A Best Friend For Life With An Unbreakable Bond